CAD / CAM / Rapid Proto-typing


Working with a variety of customers we find that we can support them, by creating drawings that formalise their designs prior to machining.

Or for customers who have their own in house CAD engineers, we can seamlessly transfer information and be able to add value to the design.


Extending our CAD capability, we have invested in the latest software to allow us to work from a solid model quickly generating a CNC program, and with PC DIMOS generate CMM Inspection programmes.

In working from the customer's original model it removes the opportunities for errors and allows for the most complex parts to be handled quickly and more efficiently.


A solution that offers quick and easy access to your ideas, enabling proof of concepts, and visualisation of your designs. Send us your models in a “STL” file format and 3 days later you will receive your part created from ABS polymers offering a level of strength and robustness, via a technique that can deliver accuracies of 150 or 400 microns depending upon your application.

When your design has progressed and you need to move to a fully machined metal or plastic component then we have a cost effective solution via our 5 axis CNC milling centres or the traditional tool maker.